29. Marvel Movies: Punisher – Warzone (2008)


Captain America: Civil War is coming soon, as is X-men Apocalypse, so this list was due.

What happened here…why is this so low?  Do you hate this movie?  I like it, what is wrong with me?  This movie kicked some major ass.

Ok, Punisher War Zone was not great or perfect, but fun.  It was balls to the wall action and Ray Stevenson did not have to say more than a word or two the entire film.  He was great as Punisher, different from Thomas Jane’s Punisher and Jon Bernthal.  I thought he and the movie itself was great.

It suffers, this movie suffers again from poor casting and a poor story.  The action was cool and Stevenson was awesome, but damn it.  Watch it again, it isn’t bad and if you have seen season 2 of Daredevil and you want more Punisher, this is the one to turn to.  The Thomas Jane movie was a totally different characterization of Frank Castle.  Fun movie.

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