14. Marvel Movies: Captain America the First Avenger (2011)


Are you Team Captain America, Civil War is coming!

Growing up and reading comics, I loved Captain America and what he stood for.  In the early 1990s, we did get a Captain America movie with Matt Salingers as Cap.  It was all we had and for the time, it was ok. 

2011, we got Chris Evans as Captain America, yeah the Human Torch from Fantastic Four.  He killed it, he made me forget that he was in the Fantastic Four movie.  It is hard to look at him and not think about Captain America.  The thing is, I hope in saying that it does not bother him.  Michael Keaton did not want to be known for Batman.  Captain America has to be different, based on who the character is and what he stands for.

The First Avenger was great, it went just about how I wanted the film to go.  Captain America fighting during World War II.  His costume was awesome, Evans was amazing, this movie was worth the wait.


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