13. Marvel Movies: Avengers – Age of Ultron (2015)


Civil War is coming…

Why was this movie made?  It seems like a filler movie, not even a bridge.  The entire point of the Marvel Universe to this point is getting to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.  Ok, I get it, we find another Infinity Stone.  But, for some reason this movie fell a little flat and felt way too much like the first.

I do like Age of Ultron and for the most part, it is good.  But it suffers with being a sequel to possibly the biggest superhero movie of all-time.  It also, there are problems with the story and parts of the movie that slow everything down.  I was not a fan of the Hawkeye homestead stuff.  I like Hawkeye, but I didn’t want him to be married and have kids, for future comic book nerd reasons.

Utlimatly, Age of Ultron is just another fun movie.  There are scenes the add tension to the Captain America and Iron Man relationship.

The scene in the Civil War trailer, when Captain America say, “He is my friend.”

Tony Stark says, “So was I.”

It does not hit me as hard, from the beginning, in Avengers, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have had tension.  Were they friends or just teammates?  Was Tony Stark just another solider with S.H.E.I.L.D.?

We got to see Hulkbuster, so all is good.

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