12. Marvel Movies – Ant-man (2015)


Civil War is coming!

If I could pick one movie I had no interest in, out of all Marvel films, it would be Ant-Man.  But Marvel does it again, they find a way to make something, I didn’t care much about, good.  I still doubt I will be a big fan of Ant-man overal, but bringing in Scott Lang over Hank Pym and making it a “heist” movie, really helped make it fun.

Like I said, I am not much on Ant-man, but taking down the science and Hank Pym having more of a mentor approach really helped.  Not to mention, Paul Rudd is pretty awesome.  I never thought we’d see him in a Marvel movie, but here he is and he was great.  Ant-man was a lot of fun.

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