10. Marvel Movies: X2 – X-men United (2003)


How do I feel about X2?  Its cool, I think it is dated as is the first X-men film.  Its too bad, if these films would have come out every two years, things could have been different.

X2 started off with a bang, Nightcrawler attacking the Oval office.  The rest of the movie is good too, but it is not the best X-men movie.  I see these lists and X2 always remains at the top of these lists or near the top.  It is dated, but good.  I am happy for the retcon.

It is strange to think about the scope of the first X-men films, not so epic.  But now, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, huge, epic scope.  The older films were much smaller in scope and seemed to get bigger with each film.  Part of the issue was the was the characters were used or underused.

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