Top 100 Horror Films (20 – 11)


Remember, this list was voted on by a panel of horror fans.

Holy Hell!  We are almost there and when the top 10 are posted we will all be saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Now we move on to some very important horror films, not the best but damned near the best horror films.  This is where things really get interesting.  I will have to say, this list was out of my control and it turned out interesting.  While placing each movie I remember being disappointed at the turn out and placement of some of the “heavy hitters”.  We need to get down with the countdown, we are drawing closer and closer to the end.  Thank you if you have stuck with me this far.  We’re getting there.

20. High Tension (2005)


19. An American Werewolf in London (1981)



18. Horror of Dracula (1958)


17. Day of the Dead (1985)


16. Saw (2004)


15. Evil Dead (1981)

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14. Dawn of the Dead (1978)


13. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)


12. Psycho (1960)


11. Jaws (1975)


While making this list, I came to a point of asking myself, are certain movies, horror.  Jaws is one I have asked about, the other is Alien.  There is something about Jaws that does not come across as horror to me, Alien is totally horror.  Aliens, the sequel to Alien is not a horror film, but some consider it to be horror.  I will throw it out like this, Alien is survival horror and Aliens is like a shooter, yes, I am comparing them to video games.

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