The Origins of Rage – Chapters of Evil

The Origins of Rage Chapters of Evil

I have written about my history before, once when I ran Nightfall Unlimited, before I ran it into the ground.  I also believe I wrote some half-baked article on the original Rage of Rayzor, which is a wordpress blog that has not been touched in months.

Today on the short drive home from work, I really began to think about being an utter failure, professionally.  Going from retail job to retail job over the past 15 years.  Before, I worked at KFC during High School before joining the US Army.  After I left the Army, I worked at a few gas stations in a small town, but then sealed my fate in retail at Kohl’s then Toys R Us, Radio Shack and finally, the Home Depot, where I currently rot.  But this article, it is not about making a ton of money doing some BS office job, no, it is about my failure in living my dream.  The dream of being a creative writer.  Using the term “creative writer” is being broad, from novels, to comics and even film scripts.  These are all things I wanted to do.

1997 – Creative Writing Class

It was my senior year of High School and I had a mild interest in writing.  I signed up for a creative writing course with a witch for a teacher.  We kept a daily journal and wrote the occasional short story.  This class worked more as a gateway into writing.  There was nothing serious and by the second semester I dropped the class.

But in this class I began work on a story that is still with me.  At the time it was a 10 or 12 page short story for Halloween and it was simply called, Chapters of Evil.  It was meant to be the first in six stories over all, I ended up calling this particular story, the Undead for a short time.  It deals with grave robbing and bringing the dead back to life, but littered with my friends as the main characters.  I was really bad at coming up with names back then, so I used my friends and my own name.  The leading lady?  She was named after my High School crush, who I only spoke to 1 time in 4 years, Jamie Hayden.  There, it has been said, I had the biggest crush on Jamie Hayden in High School, she had no idea I was even there.

After I dropped the class, I stopped writing.  I found fun in writing, but I was more interested in painting and taking my art classes.

In 1998, I was a hold-over in the Army.  This other hold-over, William Dean and I wrote a couple of stories together for fun.  He wrote something called, “4th Platoon” which was a story about a couple of guys who were hold-overs after basic training, when there was a terrorist attack.  I wrote the second story in the “Chapters of Evil” called, “Bloody Kisses”.  This time, it was a vampire/werewolf story about two guys who get tested, one as a vampire and the other as a werewolf.  “Bloody Kisses”, the title was pulled from my love of the album from Type-O-Negative.

By 1999, I started to lost interesting in writing.  I think a part of this, i had a full time job and a full time girlfriend.  Both kept me busy and I had a hard time sitting down and putting pen to paper.  With the year 2000, right around the corner, I bought a new notebook and took a break from my girlfriend to write the third story of the “Chapters of Evil”, “Nightmare House”.  I then realized I could put these stories together and make it a series.  Originally I intended “Chapters of Evil” to be an anthology, I scrapped that and decided to do six stories in one universe.

Shortly after I finished “Nightmare House” came the “Number of the Beast”.  I would really have to explain the story for any of it to make sense, the titles anyway.  But after everything, “Nightmare House” became the second story after, “the Undead”.  Here is a short synopsis of each story and the chronological order.

The Undead or Army of the Dead (1997)

A high school student has nightmares of a Doctor who is robbing graves and reanimating the bodies.  On the night before Halloween, the main character, Ray and his friends when out drinking and his best friend is murdered.  He is murdered as he stumbled upon the Doctor robbing the graves.  Eventually Ray and a few other friends fight back as the Doctor unleashes his army of the dead on the small town.

Nightmare House (1999)

When Ray and his friends escape the small town, the run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.  As they walk along the empty road they come across a house.  The knock on the door and are accepted for a nights rest.  That night, there are a lot of things happening and the host, Zalek is a strange old Englishman.  When everyone falls asleep, the Nightmares begin.

Bloody Kisses (1998)

When Ray and Dean are transported to an alternate reality, they have no clue what is in store for them.  Not to mention, they have no idea it is an alternate reality.  In this reality, Ray and Dean wake up different, they have new powers.  They are being tested, Ray with the powers of a vampire and Dean a werewolf.  Whoever survives this trial will become the apprentice of the head vampire.  The other will die.

Number of the Beast (2000)

When Ray comes out of the alternate reality, five years have gone by.  He returns to his home town and everything has changed.  His family is long been dead and none of his friends are around.  The local police see Ray and mention, he had died five years ago.  Ray unsure of what to do he goes to the local cemetery to his family’s graves.  There he is approached by an old friend.  She tells him the town is run by a demonic force and there is an underground resistance to fight the demon, the beast.

That is the last of the six stories that were written.  I never got to the finale and I didn’t even finished “Number of the Beast”.  I had a lot of fun with these stories and never showed them to anyone.  I did in late 2000, I dated this girl, Jamie Abbot and she read the first 3, since they were finished.  She loved them, although she was more interested in the main character’s girlfriend being named Jamie.  I do not know why, we only dated for a short time, but she was big into “fate”.

In 2010, I revisited these stories and retooled them and changed the title.  They no longer read the same way they did.  The “Chapters of Evil” stories converted so much, it became something entirely different and for a different medium.  I wanted to make a “Chapters” film or six films.  What the story molded into was made for comics.  So, I could revisit the stories and label them to “Chapters of Evil”.  I should, it was a fun time, nearly 20 years ago.  Yikes!

From 1997 to 2001 I tried to write a horror anthology and I lost steam.  I was in my late-teens and early 20s.  Life got in the way and eventually the stories were abandoned for my true passion in writing, Star Wars.  In part the next part of “The Origin of Rage”, I will talk about how the Star Wars prequels influenced me to write my own sequel trilogy that ignored the Expanded Universe, well everything after the Thrawn Trilogy, Crimson Empire and Dark Empire.  The next I will break down my own versions of the Star Wars sequel trilogy from 2002.  Join me.



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