Halloween Returns Abandoned?


Today, I read Dimension films has lost its rights to the Halloween film Franchise.  Good.  This is a long time coming.  It has been 20 long years of crappy Halloween movies and it is time to move on and someone else to take the reigns and bring Halloween back.

So, I ask the question, who will be Halloween’s new home and what will happen next?

There have been a lot of people on the Internet speculating and asking interesting questions and bizarre fan theories.  Mostly a bunch of people complaining and strange comments. Bizarre fan theories are always fun to read.  So I will post a couple theories and comments here.  Oh and all of these are from Facebook.

Coming Soon.net’s Facebook:

As long as the next film is not done by Rob zombie.

Breaking News: Disney acquires the Halloween franchise……..

They need to retire this franchise. What’s wrong with coming up with your very own unique villain like a Meyers?? Why does it always have to be Michael Myers? They need to come up with their own idea and stop trying to steal someone else’s idea.

Bloody-Disgusting’s Facebook:

I bet Disney bought the rights. And now they’ll do another remake of the original and call it a sequel and make Michael take his mask off and cry a lot and get his ass beat by his sister. Dr. Loomis will show up in the last 30 seconds and not say anything.

YES, lets get back to the independent style of Halloweenm i did like the Rob Zombie films though but thats really it. Halloween 6 was just ok, but 7 and 8 sucked

oh thank god! the plot for HALLOWEEN RETURNS sounded worse than resurection. no, they need to continue with the laurie strode narative or not at all.

As long as the franchise doesn’t go direct to dvd, it’s all good. Just sucks we gotta wait even longer for Halloween Returns, if it ever gets made. Just no more remakes.

My guess is Blumhouse goes after the rights….


Which studio would you rather Halloween go to?  Paramount or Warner.  Paramount has Jason and Warner Freddy.  Would you rather see Freddy vs Michael or Michael vs Jason?

I would like them to ignore all the Dimension films and do a good sequel to Revenge and have it starring Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd as an adult coming back to face her fears.

Let me start by saying this.  NO MORE HORROR VS MOVIES!  Jason Voorhees would destroy Micheal as would Freddy.  I wouldn’t mind if they all existed in the same “share” universe, but not in a “vs” movie.

I agree, under Dimension the Halloween films have suffered, I do believe the worst of all Halloween movies have been the last four, included are the Rob Zombie films.  The Curse of Michael Myers is a mess, but I prefer it to the Laurie Strode, H20 and Resurrection.

Halloween Returns did sound worse than anything that already came before it, check out this plot.

The now 18-year-old child of one of Myers’ victims plays a central role along with the child of a cop who has long been obsessed with Myers’ case, even putting it before his own daughter. Myers is now on death row and the two kids with their own personal vendettas against the killer sneak in to watch his execution. But when things go awry and Myers escapes, the pair, along with their friends, find themselves in the firing line. However, the film’s producer later stated: “Although, I have to say, and this is somewhat new news, but unfortunately things happen in Hollywood where you have issues with studios and different variables. We’ve had to take a step back and now we’re trying to re-figure this beast that is the new Halloween. So there is a bit of a delay, But this new Halloween isn’t going to be quite what has been announced and what people are expecting, so we’re making some changes there as well.”


I think this is a good thing, I think Blumhouse would be great.  Blumhouse seems to be a big time heavy hitter with horror lately and have handled the genre well.  If you’re not familiar, Blumhouse has produced films like the Insidious movies, the Conjuring. Paranormal Activity franchise, Sinister and the new version of the Town that Dreaded Sundown.  Halloween can handle a low budget production and be terrific.  The original Halloween film cost around $325,000 to make which with inflation is roughly 1.2 million dollars.  It also made 70 million in 1978, today would be over 250 million.  That would end up the top grossing Blumhouse film.

But to whatever end, I want to see a quality Halloween film.  I am free, I could write a sequel or remake.  That would be amazing.  But seriously, if it were up to me, I agree with the last comment, Hallowen 6 was never made.  Halloween: the Curse of Michael Myers has no number behind it, so…  Halloween 6 staring Danielle Harris, who is not afraid to return to the series, would be a lot of fun, why not?

What are your thoughts?  Should Halloween move to a new studio and be remade, again?  Should  sequel be made to Halloween II or Halloween 5?

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