Friday the 13th Remake 7 Years Later


It has been too long since the last entry to the Friday the 13th series.  When I heard it was going to be a remake, I had mixed emotions.  I have always felt like Friday the 13th is a series that does not need to be remade.  Anything can happen at any time, anywhere on Crystal Lake, which according to the movies, is huge.

re1To review this movie now, well actually I could.  But I am not.  I was very happy the way it was handled.  There was no way we could see a Friday the 13th with Mrs. Voorhees as the killer.  That was the best part of the original, it was a “who done it?”.  Oh, spoiler and if you haven’t seen the original Friday the 13th by now and you have seen this one, shame on you!  If you missed this one than, SPOILER ALERT!!!  The way Mrs. Voorhees and the events of the original are handled very well, all in the credits.  So the remake is kinda of a mix of the first three movies smashed together, but different.  But in some ways, the remake could almost fit into the rest of the series.  Only a few parts keep it from being a sequel.

Oddly enough this is a direct quote from my Friday the 13th Body Count post from a while back.

The remake could almost serve as a sequel to the original films.  But it is a remake and as of now a waste.  I wanted to see more films and still do, I wouldn’t mind going back to a time before Freddy vs Jason or a film between part VIII and Jason to Hell.
Jason Voorhees kills 13 more people and ends his run…for now.  Also we see Pamela Voorhees die again.  Overall we get 151 kills by Jason that are not a dream or virtual reality.  And 203 people die overall, again not in dreams or virtual reality.  So Jason kills 15.1 kills per film and overall the body count for all 12 films is 16.9.


This movie is very good and the kills are top notch.  I only hate that there has not been a sequel to a film that should have one.  In the 10 years of the 1980s we saw 8 Friday the 13th films, from 1990-2016 only 4.  That is if you count Freddy vs Jason.

Rumors of another remake have been floating around and a script eventually fell into place.  There have been rumors of it being a “found footage” film, no thanks.  There have been other rumors of a TV series being developed at the CW.  WHAT?  Then we got a date for the second remake and now, the script has been abandoned and the release date has been pushed to 2017, for now.  If they are not careful we may not get a Friday the 13th film until the 40th anniversary of the original.  That would also be the 13th film in the series…if we could Freddy vs Jason.  I do not want to wait that long.  I am just going to through this out there, do not have another remake or reboot.  Make a direct sequel to Jason Takes Manhattan, Return to Camp Blood.

Of course none my ideas will come to fruition.  If that were true, I would be hired to pen the next Friday the 13th script.  There is a video game that looks promising coming soon.

7 years, no sequel…I love this movie.  But where does it fit with the rest, check that out here Friday the 13th Films: Worst to Best.

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