A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: the Dream Slayers

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master 123231616I will start by saying this, I am not stuck on this title.

I always hoped one day to write horror films.  Especially from my favorite horror franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street.  But over the past 9 years they have all been remade and now there is no way to make a sequel…right?

I ask the question, why even bother with remaking some of these movies.  Lets talk the Nightmare series.  In 1989 the Dream Child was released and the series seem to hit a wall.  Rather than make a part 6, the named the next film Freddy’s Dead: the Final Nightmare.  In the film Freddy is seemingly killed off by his own daughter.  This could be the lowest point in the entire series.  Not only did they kill off Freddy, the film was not even close to scare and a shadow of its former self.  Freddy’s Dead was the official end of the series.  Yes I know, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare followed and eventually we all saw Freddy vs Jason.  

While Wes Craven’s New Nightmare took place in a fictitious reality, it does not really fall in to the Elm Street continuity.  Freddy vs Jason is a stand alone movie.  I know he goes over his own history in the beginning of the film, but…it is a stand alone film.

Now, we have seen it before and it does happen, but why not skip over bad movies?  Movies that got too crazy or were just no good.  Superman and Superman II were great, Superman III and Superman IV: the Quest For Peace, not so good.  In 2006, Bryan Singer brought us Superman Returns, I am not saying it was great, but it was better than Superman III and IV.

Here is what I figure, Freddy Krueger exists in the dream world and can never truly be killed.  Sure you can go into a dream and pull him out, but who’s to say that is not just a dream?  So, my idea, we skip over Freddy’s Dead and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare and forget about them, along with Freddy vs Jason and bring Freddy into the modern times.  There is no need to remake the Elm Street movies.

If we talk about Freddy and recasting, is that a reason to do a remake?  No, of course we saw Robert Englund is hard to replace.  The remake did not work and their Freddy was pretty awful.  While I know he has said he would never do Freddy again, but why not?  Because there are remakes to…be made?  What if he came back for another movie.  Also, Freddy exists in the dream world, he can literally take any shape he wants.  Not to mention, how would anyone who dreams about him really know how he looks.  Most say, “Dirty red and green sweater, horribly burnt and knives for fingers.”  There you go, there is Freddy’s description.  With make up these days, there are ways to get him close to looking like Robert Englund, if he would not come back.


How would we bring Freddy back?  Here is my little idea.

Freddy Krueger’s time has passed and most in Springwood have almost forgotten about him.  It has been nearly 17 years since his last sighting  and the town of Springwood and its teens sleep very peacefully.
One day, a teenage girl, Jessica is down on her luck and has suicidal thoughts wants to end her life.  She looks for different ways to end it all without it being suicide.  She stumbles on old articles from the old Springwood new paper that has been long shut down.  Jessica learns about the town legend that has been buried deep and is never, ever spoken about.  Freddy Krueger, child murderer and what followed after his death.  In the 1980s many teens committed suicide or died in their sleep.  Some of the kids blamed Freddy Krueger.  The girl falls asleep that night, she aims to seek out Freddy, if she can “summon” the Nightmare killer, she can “commit suicide”, without committing suicide.  She seeks Freddy out and when she finds him, he is a shell of his former self, he sits in an alley, shivering and he looks like a burnt, withered corpse.  She tries to get him to kill her, she taunts him and teases him.  Freddy does nothing but lay there mumbling.
Jessica wakes and could not get the job done.  The following day she mentions Freddy and the town’s hidden secret to her friends in class.  They all think suicide is the way out and this girl has the key and it is to awaken Freddy.  That night, all of the Jessica’s friends have the same dream and see each other in the dream.  Freddy comes out of the shadows and the teenagers all laugh at Freddy.  Freddy becomes enraged and with all of his power kills one of the the teenagers.  With this kill, Freddy regains some of his power as all of the teenagers disappear from the dream world and wake up.  Freddy is left alone with the teenager he killed and he says with a grin, “I’m back”.
Freddy comes back to haunt the children of Elm Street once again.  Little does Freddy know, he is being used by the children as their way out of their miserable life.
That is all I have at this point.  There a little influence from the proposed Peter Jackson sequel “the Dream Lovers”.  The idea of the name Dream Slayers comes from the idea of kids going in to the dream to die or to kill themselves.  Easy prey for Freddy, even after the first death.
This movie would also bring Lisa Wilcox back as Alice, she is a counsler at Springwood High, she would eventually reach out to the main girl and help her fight Freddy.  The main girl is also her son, Jacob’s girlfriend.
What do you think?  This is my idea to bring A Nightmare on Elm Street back without remaking the series.
A Nightmare on Elm Street could come back without a remake.  There could be a re-cast of the great Robert Englund.  I did not like the remake, I did not an idea I read earlier today.  I hate these writers want to play more on Freddy being a child molester.  I get that he was, but the heart of the series isn’t his past as a human.  No, he is the monster that stalks you in your dreams, if he kills you in the dream…you die for real.
I plan to look at the Friday the 13th series the same way I did here with the Elm Street series.  Halloween is another I would like to tackle…Hellraiser, Return of the Living Dead, I have ideas for all of them.  Of course I think they are good, but you be the judge.  Let me know here or on Facebook.


  1. my opinion on this is they should make a movie set now in present time in the same timeline as the original seriers so it can be its own story and pay tribute to the originals all it has to do is directly reference dream child an dream master have jacob as the main character or jacobs child who has the same pull people into the dream power alice had an do another passing of the torch to jacob as the main hereo pass the torch from alice to jacob an develop jacobs character also explain how when freddy came back from dream child how he was able to kill the new kids without help from alice an then explain why he now needs jacobs kid to bring in victims have jacob saveing his child an have freddy kill jacobs friends an his sons friends in creative ways throw in a cool death for freddy and bam end of film

  2. also if your interested there a comic released by new line to fill the gap in between 1-5 and freddys dead it wraps up the story of 1-5 its not as good as dream master or warriors but its better then dream child an freddys dead its called nightmares on elm street

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