31 Days of Horror: The Stuff (1985)


We has some fun last year, but it is 2016 and time for another year of 31 Days of Horror…well not a year of it, only 31 Days.

Well, lets start this off with a bizarre and frankly strange movie from the 1980s called the Stuff.  This is one that I had seen parts of over the years and recently decided to go ahead and buy the DVD, yeah, I did not want to buy the Blu Ray and be stuck with a piece of shit, considering the Blu is expensive.

The Stuff is about this white creamy looking substance that is more popular that ice cream.  Nearly everyone in America is hooked, it is healthier than anything.  But, there is a young boy who sees the Stuff move in his fridge and he loses his shit.  Then there are these big wigs that want to know what it is made of to steal the Stuff for their own.  They hire an Industrial Sabetore to find out what he can.  He uncovers the Stuff is dangerous and controlling people, the more you eat the more controlled you are.

The movie is crazy, it feels like some kind of TV sitcom and is kind of ridiculous.  The strange thing about this movie, everyone is way too cheery while the world is being controlled by this desert.  The atmosphere is so bizarre, it is almost hard to follow.  This one is like an early SyFy movie, but a little more entertaining.  I actually love it, very much.  So crazy, so much…Stuff…


One last thing, there are commercials in the movie that are just so 1980s…you can really get some nostalgia from this one.

Here are some releases if you want to buy this insane movie.

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