31 Days of Horror: The House By the Cemetery

31 DOHI need to re-brand this “31 Days of Horror” and call it 31 Nights of Horror.  Well, for this year it will be the Day before the night anyway.

Today’s film is another Lucio Fulci film.  The House by the Cemetery, is the last of the un-official “Gates of Hell trilogy”.  The first being City of the Living Dead and the Beyond.  I love all of these films.  I have only seen 5 of Fulci’s films, the first mentioned along with Zombi II and Zombie 3.

This one is just as bizarre as the others, great effects and strange story.  I loved it, not as much as the Beyond or City of the Living Dead, but lets give Fulci credit, he made all of these movies with a years time.  They are all fun to watch, even if some people finish watching and say, “what did I just watch?”  This one is available on Hulu is you want to check it out, it is fun.  My biggest complaint, there is a kid and his dubbed voice, it is so terrible.  It is bad and he talks a lot.

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Come back tomorrow.

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