31 Days of Horror: The Evil Dead (1981)


I cannot say enough about the Evil Dead and to me, what is there to say.  The Evil Dead directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell is a horror classic.

The Horror Syndicate has even proclaimed October 15th as Evil Dead Day.  So it is a big deal.

Evil Dead is about 5 friends who are going to “party” in a remote cabin the woods.  When the cellar door opens, Ash and Scottie go down to investigate.  They find the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, The Book of the Dead and it is filled with all kinds of horrorific images, inked in blood.  They also find a tape recorded when played, it awakens the deadites.  Ash of course has to fight back as all of his friends become these demonic deadites.

Sam Raimi had a small budget to get this movie filmed, which was over 350,000 dollars.  That seems oddly high for a low budget movie back in 1979.  But the movie has that low budget feel, which always made it creepier for me.  The VHS I originally saw the movie on, was kind blurry and grainy.  The BLU RAY I am watching has taken that feeling away a little, but if you need a good version, that still gives off that vibe…The Anchor Bay DVD release is for you, or the Book of the Dead version is great as well.

I don’t need to sit here and write all day about the Evil Dead, if you’re a horror fan, you’ve seen it.  If you have not and call yourself a horror fan, you are a poser.  This movie is truly a classic and it deserves its place among the Top 100 Horror movies lists, Top 25 even.

The finale alone gets your hear pumping, that is where I am now.  Watching it with my son, he is 7 and loving it, I was 16 when I first saw this brilliant piece of horror history.

Enjoy Evil Dead Day, Happy 35 years for Evil Dead!  Now do what I did, watch Evil Dead…now!


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