31 Days of Horror: The Burning (1981)


So, in the last year I have met and befriended many horror fans.  There are so many of use out there.  I cannot believe how many I have missed over the years.  This year I am making my way through the 1980s and The Burning came up.

Let us talk about Cropsy, he was a caretaker at Camp Blackfoot gets heckled by a few of the teenage campers. One camper sneaks into his cabin and sets up a worm-riddled skull next to his bed with candles in the eye sockets.  Cropsy freaks out and ends up engulfed in flames.  He runs out of his cabin and into the lake.

5 years later…of course.

One of the campers from before, Todd is a counselor at a near by camp.  Everyone is having a good time, but they have to leave camp and go to the actual camp grounds.  Cropsy is waiting and following them.  The next morning, their cannoos are missing and they build a raft to get back to camp.  When the campers on the raft see one of their cannoes, Cropsy pops out and slaughters them.

So, the Burning is good, not great.  Cropsy looked great, the story was very generic and I feel like I should have seen it sooner.  I have seen too many movies like the Burning and it kind of ruins it for me.  I see so much Friday the 13th in this, mixed with others.  I can tell for sure, the Sleepaway Camp series pulls more for the Burning than anything else.

Still, I liked the movie overall, the story is generic, but good, it is all about when it was released.  I wish I had seen this in the 1980s, rather than 2016.

Totally worth a watch, check out the Burning!  The trailer is rad!

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