31 Days of Horror: The Brood

31 DOHDay 6 comes from a mail day, that’s right.  I belong to a group on Facebook, Horror DVD & BD Collectors and we share our latest purchases, we trade and sell movies to help out others with their collection.  I finally took the plunge and bought my first horror film.  the Brood was the first, but not the last.  It was a good experience and I will and have bought more.

The Brood is a cool movie that I suggest it any horror fan.  It is old, but there are some cool creepy moments and the ending is a great payoff.  This movie is on Hulu if you cannot find a copy.

This is getting fun, a horror film a night all October long.  What’s next people, I would love to get some input.  Please hit me up on Facebook or @Rayzor_33 on Twitter and let me know what I should watch for Day 7.

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