31 Days of Horror: The Blob (1988)

31 DOH

Back when I was working with Nightfall Unlimited I made a Top 5 Horror Film remakes.  For some reason I left the Blob off the list and I am not sure why.  Perhaps it is because it has been so long since I have seen the film.  While the original film is a horror classic the 1988 version has more gore, the story works a little better and the effects are terrific, especially for 1988.  It may have place as one of the better horror remakes.


Chuck Russell directed this film and I think he does a great job.  It was a decent way to follow up the possible biggest film of his directing career, A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I really enjoyed watching the Blob, it had been too long.  I do suggest this film, especially after seeing the original just a few weeks ago.  I do think this one could use an update and with a good mix between CGI and practical effects, while adding an updated story, this could be a good remake.  Maybe in 2018, that would be 30 years from the original remake and the 1988 remake is 30 years from the original film.

One interesting thing I noticed, Shawnee Smith is the female lead in this and played a cheerleader.  I always thought she was a bright spot in the Saw horror saga as the deranged Amanda Young.  She was good in this one, no comes the question, does she qualify as a scream queen?

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