31 Days of Horror: the Beyond

31 DOH

This was another film I watched with my wife and she looked at me and promptly asked, “What in the hell did I just what.”  We decided to explore the further reaches of Lucio Fulci’s horror films.  I had seen City of the Living Dead and Zombi 2 years ago and never thought to check into more of the Fulci films.  When I looked his filmography on Wikipedia, I noticed City of the Living Dead was the unofficial beginning of the “Gates of Hell” trilogy.  The Beyond followed and the House by the Cemetery finished up the “trilogy”.  Watching these films were brought on by earlier movies I saw this year, Mario Bava horror films, like Twitch of the Death Nerve or Lisa and the Devil.

This is the final Fulci film I will recommend for this year.  Here are links to the rest of the 31 Days of Horror

31 Days of Horror: Zombi 2

31 Days of Horror: City of the Living Dead

31 Days of Horror: the House by the Cemetery 


the-beyondIf you decided to watch these movies, get ready for some gore and great make-up effects.  I only wish I had seen these movies before, they all should be on the Top 100 Horror FIlms.  I forgot to mention the music,  I don’t know what it is about these Italian horror films, but he music is always awesome.

The Beyond is set in Louisiana’s Seven Doors Hotel in 1927, a lynch mob murders a man whom they believe to be a warlock. They actually kind of crucify him in the basement of the Hotel.  This opens one of the Seven Doors of Death, allowing the dead to cross into the world of the living. Several decades later, Liza, a young woman from New York, inherits the hotel and plans to re-open it.  But when the plumber goes to the flooded basement, that is when the crazy begins.  Although the beginning was pretty awesome.

I was pretty happy with this movie and I recommend this movie to everyone.  It is on Hulu right now, catch it while you can.


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