31 Days of Horror: Slither (2006)

31-days-of-horrorI am stepping out of the 1980s for the first time in this year’s 31 Days of Horror.  I had to, there are so many 80s horror movies I love, but I need a break…so why not a movie hits you right in the 80s.  Slither, at times reminds me of a horror movie that could have been made in the 1980s.  Also, there is a very close similarity to Night of the Creeps.  I feel like these two movies could exist in the same universe.  These slimy slugs go into your mouth and take over your brain.  The difference between the two, there is one mind controlling all the slugs and who they infect.

Slither takes place in a small town where a powerful, kind of awkward man named Grant Grant(Michael Rooker) is married to the most beautiful girl in town, Starla(Elizabeth Banks).  The town Sheriff seems to be in love with her, as they have a past, the Sheriff is Nathan Fillion.  Grant Grant gets rejected by Starla for sex, so he goes out and cheats with another women.  In the woods there is asteroid and it shoots something out at Grant Grant.  He gets overly hungry for meat, he misses the opening ceremonies for the hunting season to go impregnate the woman he cheated with.  Grant evolves into some kind of squid monster and eats cows from a local farmer’s fields.  The police approach Grant, with Starla and he leads them to the over-sized impregnated woman, who is as big as a barn, literally.  She explodes and the little slugs pour out of her and go for the mouths of every human being.

The town begins to become overrun with, well kind of like zombies.  They try to get Starla and when they do, she is taken back to Grant’s house for the finale, which I wont spoil.

Man, this is just a fun movie.  Horror, comedy and some gore added in makes a good time.  James Gunn wrote and directed Slither and killed it for me.  I hate to say, it is very similar to Night of the Creeps and I don’t think it was intentional.  Doesn’t matter, two separate movies and both are fun and would make a good double feature Friday.

If you have not seen Slither, I suggest you buy it for multiple viewings…because you will.  This was a blind buy for me, I had no idea who James Gunn was at the time.  After seeing Slither, I knew there was something special, he went on to direct Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  Some may not know, James Gunn has a deep history in horror, writer of the Dawn of the Dead remake and Troma’s Tromeo and Juliet.  I hope after his work with Marvel he steps back into the world of horror and pulls out another crazy fun movie.

I did a review of Night of the Creeps last year, but maybe I should watch it again for 31 Days of Horror, it is 80s.

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