31 Days of Horror: Silver Bullet

31 DOH

I probably should have posted and watched this back on October 11th.  30 years now, Silver Bullet has been out for 30 years, where did the time go?

The 1980s produced the best of the best when comes to Werewolf horror films.  The Howling series, An American Werewolf in London, Wolfen and not horror, but Teen Wolf.  But looking back, I think Silver Bullet is the first werewolf movie I have ever seen.  It is a really good movie and a lot of fun.  I loved the movie then, I think it was one a young guy like me could somewhat relate to, except I was not in a wheelchair.

I have always been a fan of the “Wolfman” werewolf, rather than what is going on nowadays with True Blood or….Twilight.  There is something classic about the “wolfman” and it makes it so much scarier.  This is one for the books, I do not think there has a been a good werewolf movie since the 1980s.  Not to mention a good “who done it” horror movie.  I would like to one day read the short novel, Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephan King.

Silver Bullet a good horror movie and a great werewolf movie. Check it out!

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