31 Days of Horror: Scream (1996)


Recently we had to vote between Re-Animator and Scream in the Horror Movie Massacre group on Facebook.  We are doing October’s Horror Movie Madness.  Scream beat out Re-Animator to many people’s dismay.  But I think Scream wins any day.  Overall Scream is a very good movie.  This is why I am watching Scream today.

Scream came at a time we needed a savior as horror was going downhill.  Scream was the movie to bridge the gap between the end of the 1980s horror to what would come on the early 2000s and beyond.  It was more than that, we also saw the birth of a new age of teenage horror films.  Yikes.

Scream, is about a bunch of high school kids get murdered by two of their classmates.  They were targeting one person in particular.  But it goes wrong when they, yes explain their plan to her, rather than just kill her.  She of course lives on through three more movies.  None of them equal to the first, but all good in their own right.

In 2015 we saw the birth of a Scream show.  There was an outcry from horror fans who did not want to see it, considering it was made by MTV.  It was good, not the same as the movies as all.  The story is a classic “who done it” with a couple of twists.  Scream the TV series is on Netflix and I do suggest the show.

That is all I got, Scream is a great movie, watch it, I got to me when I was younger and influenced me to being writing a horror story, at the time called…Chapters of Evil, yes…I know.

See you tomorrow!

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