31 Days of Horror: Rob Zombie’s Halloween Films

uploads_f1e9735a-b0b1-4827-9020-5231872fffd7-halloween_2007_-jpg-8800I originally did not want to even bother talking about these movies, as I am not a fan.

I actually have always been a fan of the music of Rob Zombie and for the most part, I still do like his music.  The first couple of movies I saw from him were great.  House of the 1,000 Corpses was kind like a love letter to the old Grindhouse movies and reminded me of Texas Chainsaw in some ways.  The follow up, the Devil’s Rejects was a totally different movie and to some, not considered horror.  But both movies are great in my opinion.  By this time it was 2006 and I was ready for what he was going to do next.  I was hoping for more of his own creations.  I remember having many conversations with horror friends about Rob Zombie doing a remake of a classic horror film.  There were some that said Friday the 13th, I still think he could make a crazy Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Halloween was not on anyone’s radar when you mention Rob Zombie.

When it was announced, I honestly do not remember at all how I felt.  I may have actually been excited, I was a fan of just about everything he had done before.  What could go wrong?  Well, I have said it before and I will say it again, I am guarded when a horror film gets remade.  Dawn of the Dead, the Amityville Horror and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were special for me and 2 of 3 were disasters in my opinion.  Halloween is even higher on the list compared to the others, so excited and nervous.  I will tell you, when I left the theater, I was pissed off.  I hadn’t been this mad since 2003 and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Halloween (2007)

So why was I so pissed off?

Halloween is a classic horror film, it is a slow burn and there is a lot of development through the movie.  Michael Myers himself was not so developed.  He killed his sister and was sent away for 15 years.  He returns to Haddonfield to kill his sister, which we don’t even find out about until the second movie.  He had the blackest eyes, the devil’s eyes.

Rob Zombie…he gave Michael a face, he gave him a reason.  The entire beginning of the film, from the “white trash” breakfast to the bully’s at school.  Michael was a mistreated youth.  It was better when he had no reason, he didn’t say a word.  I believe Rob Zombie spent too much time on the “back story”.  Was this just a way to give his wife screen time?  I think that is part of it, I do not think it was necessary.  I just felt the beginning lasted way too long and this little jerk took his revenge of a terrible family.  Then it moves on to little jerk Micheal in Smiths-Grove and having no memory of the event.  Then they do this bull shit where he wants to hide his ugly face with masks.  This was more wasting time.

Of course this is Rob Zombie’s vision of the movie and it could be more realistic, but I don’t like the beginning.  But after Michael leaves Smiths-Grove it gets better.  The girls are like-able, somewhat, more of a modern type.  Everything else turns out to be ok.  I was very happy with the casting of Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis, best part for me.

Halloween II, I have little to say.  It was one of the worst movies I had seen.  I tried watching it again and it is just terrible.  Halloween II has the longest dream sequence of all time in any movie.  The dream sequence goes back to the original Halloween II.  It is the best part of the entire movie, the rest is garbage.

This is all my opinion, some like these movies and some do not.  I am not a fan, Halloween is ok I guess, towards the end of the movie.  Halloween II is a train wreck.

Check out this crazy documentary I found on Youtube about how Rob Zombie destroyed the Halloween franchise.

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