31 Days of Horror: Return of the Living Dead part II (1988)


Yesterday we talked about one of the greatest zombie movies made.  Not to mention possible the best horror movie with dark humor made.  Is Return of the Living Dead the perfect zombie movie, for its time?  Maybe, maybe not.

Return of the Living Dead was very popular and over the years has become more popular than the last four Romero films.  Return of the Living Dead actually spawned from Night of the Living Dead.  But, it has its own sequels and unlike the Romero sequels, they get worse and worse.  But today, we will try and stick to Return of the Living Dead part II.

Return of the Living Dead part II is about a kid who is trying to fit in with the local bullies.  They come across a canister of Trioxen with a new Tarman inside.  The bullies break the seal and the gas leaks out.  Oddly enough, Thom Mathews and James Karen are in the movie, but they are different characters, grave robbers.  They both breathe in the gas and all the same shit happens, they are on their way to becoming zombies.

Back to the kiddo, he and his sister, along with the cable guy have to get out of their neighborhood to escape zombies.  They meet up with Ed and Joey, (James Karen and Thom Mathews) and they head to the hospital with a doctor of some sort.  The town is being overrun with zombies as Ed and Joey get worse.  The only good thing about Joey vs Freddy (from the first movie), Joey gets to eat his girlfriends brains.

Return of the Living Dead part II was a bore.  They pulled too much from the first movie and it did not work.  I don’t see why the recast Thom Mathews and James Karen in different parts, seems lazy.  The movie is boring and not really worth watching.

The other sequels, are different.  Return of the Living Dead 3 is different and not terrible.  But, the SyFy made for TV movies are just that, made for TV and not good.  Again, there are moments I am reminded of the original, but there is nothing to save these two movies, Necropolis and Rave to the Grave.  It is kind of a shame, I don’t know what the goal was in making these, but it would have been nice to see a rebirth of the series.  I fear that may have spelled doom.

Is it hard to live up to greatness?  Hell yes!  But these movies, bombed, badly.  Return of the Living Dead did not deal with a zombie horde, only a single zombie and the difference made it more enjoyable.  I would love to see a rebirth, but no remake.

Check it out if you want, the soundtrack is garbage and the story is bad…it was like, “Return of the Living Dead was a hit, lets shit out a sequel!”

Here are links to purchase the sequels, if you want them in your collection…I do, but I am a collector.

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