31 Days of Horror: Night of the Living Dead (1990)

31 DOHWe are on day 7 of 31 Days of Horror and it is time for some Tony Todd action.  I had to pick either Candyman or Night of the Living Dead, the remake.  I say in the video, but I believe this movie is under-rated.  I think, at the time, it was a good update to the original which is a classic but completely dated.  I like the remake as it was my first version of Night of the Living Dead I saw.  I did go and buy the original on vhs shortly after that.

My biggest issue was the end of the movie with Ben.  But other than that, a pro-active Barbara, Bill Mosley, Tony Todd and Tom Towles, those are some horror heavy hitters.  So I will sit back and enjoy this one tonight!


Come back for Day 8 and again, I am going to have to wing it!

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