31 Days of Horror: Hellraiser III – Hell on Earth

31 DOHThere is no rhyme or reason for the order in which I am viewing these films.  But I am taking a three day break from the videos to take more time to enjoy the films, rather than get sleepy while watching.

Today’s choice is my favorite of the Hellraiser films.  I know, that must be a surprise, the third movie is weaker than the first two.  It is true, but it goes along with Hell on Earth being the first I ever saw.  It comes off the heals of seeing Candyman and learning who Clive Barker is.  Master of horror, right, so I had heard of Hellraiser, but had no luck tracking down the first two movies and Hell on Earth popped up on cable one evening and I was ready.

The story was pretty decent and there were some really excellent scenes.  Like when we meet Pinhead in this film, his a part of some bizarre pillar sculpture that feeds off blood.  He uses the douche bag club owner to regain his power then with that, the movie picks up.  I also love the movie delves into to Pinhead’s past and there is more Pinhead overall.  The first two films were really about Christie and her family and other characters.  Sure Uncle Frank and Julia are great.  But in Hell on Earth, we get to see new Cenobites come to life, since they were reverted back to their mortal form in Hellbound: Hellraiser II.  These Cenobites are totally 90s and it is great.

I love this series and the first three are the strongest and Hell on Earth seems to close the book on the story that began in the first film.  So yeah, watching Hellraiser III tonight, it is on Netflix, so I suggest you watch it also.  See you tomorrow for the 16th day of 31 Days of Horror.

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