31 Days of Horror: Halloween the Curse of Michael Myers


Counting down the Halloween movies, from Resurrection to the original Halloween movie.  We have made it down to the 6th movie overall, but it is the 5th in the Michael Myers saga and the final film in the first timeline of sequels from Halloween II.  I prefer these three films over the past two I talked about.  Halloween the Curse of Michael Myers, lets call it Halloween 6.  I saw trailers for it and it was the first of the Halloween films I saw in the theater.  I was 15 and already a big fan of the series.  I remember feeling pretty good overall after seeing it, enough to call it my favorite of the series, other than the original.  But I was a little jaded by a great many things.  Since this is the 6th movie, here are 6 things that bother me.

  1.  The theatrical release was not the intended cut of the film.  There is a producers cut, which you can find on Blu Ray alone or with the box set with everything.  The producers cut is a little rough around the edges, but fans seem to prefer it over the the theatrical.  I don’t like the ending.  But I can take or leave it.
  2. I hate that Danielle Harris did not come back, for whatever the reason, whether it be money or the early exit of her character from the film, it was disappointing.  I do wish she would have lasted longer, but the movie would have been different.
  3. The order of the thorn, never mentioned in the earlier movies, well except Halloween 5 the Revenge of Michael Myers.  It just bothered me they changed the story to do something different.  In ways it is interesting, but they abandoned it in the next two movies.
  4. I am not sure why the order of the thorn were going after Danny Strode, is it because he has the same bedroom as Michael Myers did years ago or what?  They gave Michael an heir, in a gross way.
  5. Yeah, so Steven, Jamie’s son is also Michael’s son, right?  Why?  Why did they go that route, I did not understand when I was younger and now, it ruins the entire Jamie Lloyd trilogy.  Yuck.
  6. Why take the number out of the title?  Halloween II has roman numerals and then skip to the Return of Michael Myers and it is Halloween 4, followed by Halloween 5.  It was going to be Halloween 666, which is silly and then simply Halloween 6.  But they ended up dropping the numbers all together.

Over all this movie just continues the downward spiral that is the Halloween franchise.  I do have a soft spot in my heart for this one, but from Halloween 4, they get worse and worse.  It is watchable and better than H20 and Resurrection, hell I like it better than Halloween 5.

Join me tomorrow as I talk about Halloween 5 the Revenge of Michael Myers, I may do the list again, but I will give you a little taste.  Why is Tina so damned important, she may be the least liked character in the series, at lease for me.

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