31 Days of Horror: Halloween II


Day 30, we have nearly mad it.  I think next year I need to figure something different out for 31 Nights of Horror.

I press on as we have been talking the Halloween franchise.  Yesterday I talked about the Rob Zombie Halloween films and today, how about Halloween II.

Halloween II picks up right after the first film.  Laurie Strode is being taken to the hospital and Loomis is still looking for Michael.  Michael eventually finds Laurie has been taken to the hospital and goes after her there.  This is the perfect follow up to the original Halloween movie.  Jamie Lee Curtis is very good again and the shape is back with a bizarre looking mask.  Donald Pleasence is amazing as usual.  This movie bring the new element of Laurie Strode being Michael’s sister, which leads to more sequels. 

This was supposed to the be the last of the Michael Myers movies.  Halloween and Halloween II would be great, if there were some kind of 3 hour long super cut.  Cut out the credits from the second movie and modify the opening credits of the movie.

Join me tomorrow for Halloween, the night he came home!

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