31 Days of Horror: Halloween H20

31 DOHHalloweenH20

The return of Laurie Strode.  That should have been the title of this movie.  I do understand why it is called H20 or 20 Years Later.  Either way it is a terrible title just for the sake of a gimmick,  The movie on the other hand, well…I am not a big fan.  There are some cool things going on in the movie.  It was great to see Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode or Karen Tate.  She apparently moved to California and changed her name for protection of her and her son.  She left her daughter behind in Haddonfield after faking her own death.  But hold on, that makes no sense, right?  Jamie Lloyd was born in what, 1979 possible and John Tate I guess 1981 and Laurie died when?  Oh yeah, the Jamie Lloyd movies do not count.

You see, we have two sequels to Halloween II on our hands.  The timeline goes in two directions after Halloween II.  One where Laurie Strode dies and the the next where she fakes her own death and moves to California, while changing her name.  So…yeah, that is what happened.  I will tell you one thing, this movie proved the series does not work as well without Donald Pleasence.  He was always going after Michael, rather than running away from him.  That was something I always liked, he was not scared of Michael.

This movie has tons of issues, a lot of issues with the actual mask of Michael Myers.  The score was a problem also, near the end it was replaced with a kind of near Psycho theme and it was terrible.  But the other thing that bothers me, it was very convenient that the school emptied out for Halloween, so rather than Michael going on a rampage through the school only a few people were left behind and I am confused by this big school and no one can hide from Michael Myers.

I honestly don’t have much to say about H20 that has not been already said about this movie by every other fan or reviewers.  Halloween H20 was not my favorite, but with its flaws, it is still better than Halloween Resurrection.

Tomorrow we move back into the Jamie Lloyd trilogy with Halloween: the Curse of Michael Myers and spoiler alert, when I first saw it, I loved the movie.  Things have changed a little.

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