31 Days of Horror: Halloween 4 and 5 Double Feature

4660016These two should be viewed together.  They take place 10 and 11 years after the original and follow Jamie Lloyd, who is the daughter of the now late Laurie Strode.  It seems like Laurie recently died when Halloween 4 begins.  The movie follows Jaime and her foster sister, Rachel.  Rachel is more concerned about getting a date than helping take care of poor Jamie.  Jamie is bullied at school and at first does not want to participate in Halloween, but at the last minute changes her mind.  While trick r treating all hell breaks loose has Michael hunts for his niece.


So, yeah I love Halloween 4, it is the perfect follow-up to the first two movies.  So when Halloween III does not fit, I am good with that.  10 years later we got a near perfect sequel.  But with Halloween H20, it is all for nothing as this part of the timeline is forgotten.  At least these are still here and Halloween 4 has, to me proved to be the second best of the series.  Halloween 5 is a different story.

Halloween 5 begins with a 10 minute recap of the events of the end of Halloween 4.  Somehow, Michael survived the onslaught of bullets and an explosion.  Some old hermit takes care of Michael for a year and when he wakes from his coma, he kills the guy.  My biggest issues with this one, killing off Rachel so damned early.  It should not have happened, replace Rachel with her friend Tina.  Then the movie is that much better.  I also cannot stand the cast in this one, from the idiot cops to the awful friends of Rachel, Tina and her crew.

Why in the hell did they change the Myers house to a more Victorian era looking house?  What in the hell happened to the old one?  Other than that, I am not the biggest fan of the order of thorn.  It just feels out of place and introduced kinda late for the series.  We get more into that in the sixth movie, but honestly, I think it was a way to set up the next movie, which took 6 years anyway.

Tomorrow, I will be go ahead and talk about the Rob Zombie Halloween.

But first, check out this modernized trailer for Halloween 4 the Return of Michael Myers and watch it and Halloween 5 tonight, double feature!

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