31 Days of Horror: Friday the 13th VI – Jason Lives

31 DOHIt was in my face all day long.  Friend of the site, Frankie is customizing Jason masks and selling them and he told me he has a Jason Lives mask ready.  Then I talk to my brother in-law about favorite look for Jason and we talk Jason Lives.  Then on the Horror group on Facebook, this guy has a wonderful Jason Lives poster, so this must mean, I need to watch Friday the 13th VI Jason Lives.  This is by far my favorite and the best of the Friday the 13th movies.  Let me explain, this of all the movies has a serious tone.  It is the first of the resurrected Jason movies and the movie is done right.  The kills are mostly pull away kills, but they work.  I love that it goes back to the roots, there is an actual summer camp and there are kids at the freaking camp.  This is the only movie this happens.  I also love the opening credits, after Jason is resurrected, they do the James Bond opening and it reads Jason Lives.


For me, it is the first of the Friday the 13th films I have ever seen.  It has remained my favorite since I was  kid.  I tried to believe the hype that Final Chapter is the best, but no, Jason Lives.  The cheese is way down, I know there was disappointment from A New Beginning, but this was the right way to bring Jason back.  I just love this movie, of all the horror films that have multiple movies, Jason Lives is my go to Friday the 13th movies.


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