31 Days of Horror: Friday the 13th part VI – Jason Lives (1986)

31-days-of-horrorWell, it is Friday and it is October, what would 31 Days of Horror be without Jason Voorhees?

I am a long time Friday the 13th fan and I have been passing the movies on to my son.  He has seen all but A New Beginning and Jason Lives.  I let him pick and he picked Jason Takes Manhattan first and he has picked the others as well.  I have been saving Jason Lives, it is my favorite and the best of the series.  It is not just a body count movie with a disposable cast.  Jason actually gets to stalk a camp full of kids in this one, why does it take six movies for that to happen?

Tommy Jarvis is back for his final movie and his bright idea is to sink Jason at the bottom of the lake…Tommy Jarvis is also responsible for every single death in 6, 7 and 8.  He visits Jason’s grave, years after he killed Jason.  He rages out and sticks Jason with an iron pole and of course Frankstein’s him as there is a storm approaching…Jason is resurrected.

Other things I never talk about, Megan is pretty awesome and totally underrated, probably over shadowed by the Tommy Jarvis story.  I also love Sheriff Garris, he is a good cop, we see so many shitty cops in these movies, he does what he can.  He is convinced Jason is dead and Tommy is responsible for the killings.  Why not, why wouldn’t Tommy be the suspect, Jason is dead.

I love this one and can’t say enough.  It is the best shot, the score is wonderful and it has a great cast.  I do love the Final Chapter, but it feels stale, something about it, it is not the best in my opinion.  Jason Lives is the most balanced movie of the series.  I love it.

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