31 Days of Horror: City of the Living Dead (1980)


The first time I jumped into the 31 Days of Horror scene was way back in 2012.  Then I was trying to start my website, Nightfall Unlimited.  Now, nearly all of my horror content goes to The Horror Syndicate.  This may be my final year doing the 31 Days of Horror, so why not go back to the beginning.  My very first 31 Days of Horror post was on the Lucio Fulci classic, City of the Living Dead…I received the Blu Ray from Blue Underground today and it inspired me to toss this on here.

How did I stumble upon this movie?  Well back in 2004 Dawn of the Dead was released, the remake anyway.  I loved it and I was in a very zombie place at the time.  I found this great website, at the time anyway, Deep Discount DVD and I ordered a few things, the remake of Night of the Living Dead, Zombie, another Fulci and possibly Day of the Dead.  The strange thing, City of the Living Dead popped up as a movie I may like and it was 10 bucks, so I said fuck it and bought it.  I was confused at what in the hell I was watching, but the gore was fantastic.

For those who do not know, City of the Living Dead is an Italian Horror film directed by Lucio Fulci.  It is also the first installment of the Gates of Hell trilogy.

It is about this priest who hangs himself in a Cemetery and somehow the gates of hell are opened.  The strange thing, zombies, the dead seem to have super powers of sort, like levitation and teleportation.  So you can imagine how awesome this film is, it has a few good death scenes.  It is one to check out, especially if you like a good Zombie film and Lucio Fulci knows his business, he is known as the “Godfather of Gore”.  Three of his films are on the video nasty list, Zombie (1979), The Beyond (1981), and House by the Cemetery (1981).  Zombie is actually known as Zombi 2 here in the states, the unofficial sequel to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978).  Enjoy!

It is a good movie, but if you go ahead and watch it, you may as well buy it, you will want to…go ahead and through The Beyond in there as well, it is a Masterpeice in my opinion.  You should go a step further and buy the final chapter, The House by the Cematary…sure you will find there is no real connection, but they are all three fun movies.

I don’t remember where I found this fun fact, but man its gross.

Fun Fact

Also in one scene an actress(Daniela Doria) actually vomited sheep entrails during the intestine purging scene.

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