31 Days of Horror and the Top 100 Horror Films

31 Days of Horror


Back during the days of Nightfall Unlimited, I started a tradition every October.  31 Days of horror, I pick a horror film and watch it, I basically recommend the movie I am watching that night.  This year will be a little different, I will try to do a little video review of each film I plan to watch and talk about memories of the film or even how I came to see the movie.  With every horror film I have seen, there seems to be some kind of story behind how I came to see it.  This year will also be different as I will explore my top 31 horror films, my choice and in order from 31 to number 1.  Later today will be the first film posted.  No spoilers.

Top 100 Horror Films


This was to be the final Top 100 Horror Films for Nightfall Unlimited, but I decided to move my time frame up for Rage of Rayzor.  This list is complied of the best horror films ever made.  I brought the best of the best into this list, I created a horror panel of 15 people and we ranked each film in 6 different sub-categories.  Slasher, Monster, Religious, Classic Horror, Supernatural and Gore/Exploitation.  With the sub-categories, each had five different categories to rank each film, with each person’s ranks we got the averages score, added them up and got a final score.  For instance, the Freddy vs Jason did not make the Top 100, but scored an average of 6.8.  Now remember these are ranked in different categories, Slasher for instance, there are 5 categories and none of them are the same in the Classic Horror.  Classic Horror would be the Universal Horror and a lot of the Gothic, Vampire and Werewolf movies.  After I got the average score, and I put them in order, of course the highest average ended up being number 1.  These will be published every three days throughout October, beginning on the 3rd.

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