SDCC: Wonder Woman and Justice League Trailers

How excited am I about Justice League?  I am ok…HA!  I am stoked to finally see my team on the big screen.  I am not a big Marvel guy and The Avengers has been out for 4 years and by the time Justice League comes out, well it will be 5.

San Diego Comic-con always bring big news for movies and this year, to be expected…The Wonder Woman trailer was released.  But we got a treat.  I thought 2017 would be a huge year for DC movies at San Diego comic con.  I expected to see a Justice League trailer later this year.  But DC gave we, the fans a treat.  The first Justice League footage.  So, unlike all of the other bull shit comic book sites that make you go to multiple pages to see a couple of trailers or a poster and a trailer…here is the Justice League and Wonder Woman trailer, via YouTube along with a group picture!

I have no more to say, except…I am stoked!


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