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I had to take a break from Batman, this website is beginning to look like my own personal Batman blog.  I hate the word “blog”.  Anyway, I am going to stick with DC because I have recently read the first trade paperback for the New 52 Wonder Woman comic and it prompted me to buy the second trade and urge my wife to read the book.  Does that mean review?  Usually I try not to review bad things and if I like something I wanna scream from the mountain tops.  I did try screaming out of my upstairs bedroom window, but my wife was outside looking at me strange…enough.

2011 was a time for change in the DC comics universe.  After Flashpoint
ended, everything we knew about the DC universe changed.  Just before this, DC changed Wonder Woman’s costume, the wanted to make it less revealing I believe, which is strange as they went back to here somewhat classic look for the new 52.

The first story arc was called “Blood” and it was one of the better versions of Wonder New 52 Wonder Woman ArrowsWoman I have read.  The story written by Brian Azzarello and most of the art was beautifully illustrated by Cliff Chiang.  Chiang’s art really works for this story.  The story itself takes Wonder Woman away from the world of super hero and back to her Greek myhtology roots.  She is an Amazon and the daughter of Zeus in this story.  It is great because the story offers another version of Wonder Woman’s origin.

This story is very cool and I never read much Wonder Woman growing up, well unless she crossed over to Batman or Superman.  Most of what I knew about her came from the Justice League comics or the Justice League cartoon.  I have always had an interest.  This is a good place to start reading Wonder Woman.  It does have the Greek mythology feel and it is within the pages of the New 52.  But this story feels like it, like Scott Snyder’s Batman, exists on its own.  I really like this book.

I look forward to reading the next few volumes, I like the route taken in the story and I love to see Wonder Woman, for one kick a little butt.  If you are looking to get into some Wonder Woman comics, check this out and go on form there.  It is good for the fantasy reader and the super hero reader.  I for sure give this my seal of approval.  Read Wonder Woman: Blood and you can purchase it for under 10 bucks on Amazon.  Not to mention the rest of the series that is available.


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