Rayzor’s Review: The Star Wars

The Star Wars was an interesting project released by Dark Horse comics this year.  Eight issues based on the original draft by George Lucas.  It actually started in September of 2013 and ended in 2014.  This was a smart move for Dark Horse, get this out before Marvel takes over the Star Wars comic book license.  It is also a very bold play to do a story about where Star Wars came from.

So the in reading the Star Wars, you may have the same attitude I did.  This should be pretty much the same story we all know and love, with different concept art and character names are different.  Like Han Solo is a big green lizard monster or the role of Luke Skywalker is not the familiar blond kid, it is a grizzled vet Jedi who teaches Anikin Starkiller the ways of the force.  Darth Vader does not have as big of a part nor does he wear the mask.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.


The story starts with Kane Starkiller training his boys in the way for the Jedi Bendu.  He has two sons Annikin Starkiller and Deak who he is teaching.  Eventually Deak, the youngest dies and Kane takes Annikin to learn from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.  Kane is getting old and cannot do so any longer, not to mention his is now more machine than man.  Eventually we will meet some of the familiar cast from the original film series, Princess Leia and Artwo and C3P0.  It seems like everyone carries light sabers and they say “May the force of other be with you”, rather than the less odd, “May the Force be with you.”

The story itself without spoiling anything, is so different from what we saw on the screen.  There are many elements that are from the actual film, well film series.  Towards the end you see thing that happen in Return of the Jedi, but we see Wookie rather than the Ewoks.  The strange thing about the story also it is a mixed bag of a western type story with the science fiction feel and not to mention some high fantasy elements.

There are times in the reading that I wanted to see more and thought it could have its own place as a comic series.  But with in the last two issues everything seemed extremely rushed and the writer did not do a good job of bouncing from one story to the other.  It follows Luke and Annikin for the bulk of the book, then they separate and it gets hard to read and again feels rushed.


There is a lot of development and it seemed there is more meant to happen and a part of me feels like they may have had to edit things once it was announced that Marvel would be taking over publishing Star Wars comics.  I could be wrong, but the last two issues did feel rushed.

If you are a fan of Star Wars I would read this, it gives you insight into what the original story could have been.  You may be able to find the single issues still out there or pick up the Star Wars graphic novel that was released from your local comic book shop.

Overall it isn’t bad, the ending feels rushed, but overall not bad.  I love the art work of the story and the concept design of the characters and the world itself.  Any Star Wars fan can see Ralph McQuarrie’s concept in the design of the world.  It really would be cool if Dark Horse had begun to create an alternate reality Star Wars Universe, which is now all of the comic book content the created over the last 20 years.  But this would have been a great start to a much larger, different Star Wars world.

I have to say, I really miss Dark Horse publishing the Star Wars comics.  Marvel has done an ok job, but the seem very generic and while I do like reading about stories around the Galactic Civil War, I want my Star Wars Universe to be more expanded…but I believe Marvel to be hamstringed by Disney.

I wrote a post about the top Star Wars comics printed by Dark Horse, I have to put it on this site, it was on the now dead Nightfall Unlimited.


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