Rayzor’s Review: the Flash Rebirth

FLASH Barry Allen_Flash Rebirth Cover

With the success of the CW television series the Flash, I thought it was time to resurrect this old review of the Flash Rebirth.  The show is great and it seems like it is building up as good as the comic.  It may have already surpassed the Arrow series in how good the show has gone so far.  It has more of the comic book feel than Arrow.  Arrow is great and the shows viewed back to back have work well together.  So if you’re in to the Flash TV show, check out the comics.

The Flash: Rebirth is a six issue story arc that took place from April 2009 to February 2010.  It is the story about the return of Barry Allen who is the Silver Age Flash, he returns after his death in the 1985 epic classic Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Barry Allen actually returned during Final Crisis and this is the follow up story.  It is written by Geoff Johns and the terrific Ethan Van Sciver works his magic on pencils.

This is about Barry Allen adjusting to life in a new time and fitting into this new time.  In this story we get to see every generation of Flash, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen.  Not to mention it is probably one of the better stories with Reverse Flash as the main villain.  The story tells us the Speed Force wasn’t tapped into by Barry Allen when he became the Flash, rather he created it and he is the Speed Force.  With this revelation, there is no doubt he is the central figure in the Flash franchise. 


We also flash-123learn that Barry Allen’s mother was murdered, not by the father as we all thought, but by Eobard Thawne or Reverse Flash.  This is why Barry Allen becomes a forensic scientist to prove his father’s innocence.  With this set in motion, Barry Allen becomes Flash.  This story brings a lot of questions to the
table, considering there is time travel in the story and if you really think about a later story called Flashpoint, why did the past have to change.   But you know that time travel is a tricky subject, see the Back to the Future trilogy.

This book is actually in DC Comics 25 essential graphic novel list and I do think it is great and belongs on the list.  I have never really been a big fan of Flash but I feel that he is a great character, whether it is Barry Allen or the one I know best, Wally West.  Wally West is the Flash I grew up with since he became the Flash after Crisis on Infinite Earth.  One of the cool things were the covers of each issue in the book are all takes on classic covers.  Also with Barry Allen returning the changed Wally West costume, made the red darker and changed the mask.

This is a great story, Geoff Johns maybe the one of the best writer in comics these days and the art of Ethan Van Sciver is terrific.  I really loved this book and I am ready to read more Flash, the only problem, Flashpoint comes not long after this story and we know what happens after Flashpoint…The new 52, which was probably one of the worst decisions DC Comics has ever made, I will explain in a later post.  So check this out and enjoy, check out Final Crisis first if you feel like it is worth it, it isn’t too bad.

I will be honest, the New 52 while it is not great, the Flash is pretty decent.  The first 4 or 5 Volumes are worth reading and I do recommend each, but start with Flashpoint.  Here is more recommended Flash readings..


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