Rayzor’s Review: Superman/Batman – Public Enemies


I am going to stick with DC comics this week, but starting next week I will move on to Dark Horse comics and Star Wars.  But for now, I how about a great super hero team up, with the World’s Finest.  In this comic, Superman and Batman team up, but it is even better with an All-Star team who worked on the book, Ed McGuinness’ pencils and the story comes from one of my favorites, Jeph Loeb.  Jeph Loeb is responsible for some of my favorite comics, Batman: the Long Halloween and Hush and Ed McGuinness from Emperor Joker, to name one.

This comic starts a long line that lasted 87 issues from 2003 – 2011 and for the most part, every single issue was worth a read.  But the first 6-part story arc was probably the best.  DC knew what they were doing paring up these two creators.  Jeph Loeb may be one of the best to ever write Batman and Superman stories.  Too bad he is at Marvel now, I’d like to see him do another Batman book with Jim Lee or Tim Sale.

Public Enemies is about President Luthor, yeah that’s right, President Luthor.  Well kinda, there is a giant Kryptonite meteor coming towards Earth and Luthor decides to stop it himself.  That does not work, he eventually meets with Superman in Gotham to work something out, well it turns into Luthor setting up Superman with Metallo and nearly killing him.  Luckily Batman is around to save Superman’s life.  With this “attack” on the President, there is a bounty on Superman and Batman.  So every single villain comes out of the woodwork to go after the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.  That is where the story really gets cool.

Overall, this is a fun book, with a cartoony feel to it.  But I really like it overall and when I got back into comics back in 2005, after about 7 years off, this was one of the first I bought.  Part of the reason, the trade came with a Superman and Batman figure, sculpted too look like Ed McGuinness’ art.  But this and the book Hush got me back in to comics.  This book was so good, DC and WB made an animated movie, it is not bad at all.  It did leave out a few of my favorite parts from the book, but a pretty great version of the story.  See the trailer below.

If you want more Superman/Batman, click the images below, but yeah, read this one.

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