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This is the final post leading up the Star Wars: the Force Awakens.  The first two were post-Return of the Jedi, direct sequels.  The story is 130+ years after Return of the Jedi.  To me, it is the best of all Star Wars comics and regardless of the status of the Expanded Universe, this is worth a read.

After 50 issues and a 6 issue mini-series called Legacy: War, I finally read it all in order.  I have done this with other comic book series, the longest being the Walking Dead, but that is still coming out.  No Star Wars Legacy is finished and even though more could be made, it is like the end of the Return of the Jedi.  Return of the Jedi ended the Skywalker story, from Anakin to Luke, Legacy was Cade Skywalker and Darth Krayt’s story.  So maybe they could do something without a Skywalker, Knights of the Old Republic was popular without a Skywalker, not to mention the other comics without a Skywalker as the lead.

When the series was announced, I thought about the future of the Star Wars universe.  I always considered the future to be right after Return of the Jedi, not this giant leap.  When I got the zero issue, it showed some of the characters designs, I was not very happy with the lead at first, I thought Cade looked silly, but everything else was pretty awesome.  Cade eventually grew on me, especially since I have fallen in love with Jan Duursema’s art work.  So I was excited for the most part, it was a great time to be a Star Wars fan and comic book fan, Knights of the Old Republic came out 6 months ealier.  I was already a fan of the writer, John Ostrander and the main artist Jan Duursema, it could not be bad.

If I was to review the series as I review graphic novels, it would have to broken into eleven parts.  But I am going to try to do all 56 issues in this one review.  Actually I don’t want to call this a review, how about a tribute, no a…  You know what, I am just gonna talk about one of the Greatest Star Wars stories ever created.  But I do not want to take away from the other series.  What John Ostrander did, I mean it was very deep and very rich in the Star Wars tradition, he really knows Star Wars.

The series is set in the Legacy era, predominantly at 137 ABY(after Battle of Yavin, which took place during A New Hope), with the beginning of the first issue 7 years prior.  As I mentioned the lead character is Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke Skywalker who has given up his Jedi heritage, not by choice, and ends up becoming a bounty hunter.  It takes place during yet another galactice civil war, with a Sith Lord seated on the Imperial Throne.

Legacy was very interesting considering it took place nearly 100 years further into the Star Wars timeline than any other published material had previously done.  It has since gone on to become one of the most well-received and popular Expanded Universe works of all time, as well as one of Dark Horse’s best-selling comic series.

The series ran for 50 issues, ending with the release of issue 50 on August 12, 2010.  The ending felt very forced and it was obvious there was more to be said so it was continued with the six-part series Legacy—War that started December 2010 and itself concluded on May 25, 2011, my birthday.  Funny thing about Star Wars and my birthday, Star Wars Episode IV was released on May 25, 1977 and I was born May 25, 1980 and now Legacy officially ended on May 25th, oh yeah and Starkiller from the Force Unleashed video game, his real name is Galen Marek, my last name…Marek.

Sorry, I get off track when I talk Star Wars.

My review, well this is the best of the best for Star Wars, it is fantastic.  The writing is solid and the art is mild blowing at times, seriously.  If you call yourself a Star Wars fan and read comics, I hope you have read this and if your a fan but don’t read comics, do yourself a favor, read this.  It has everything you could possibly want in a Star Wars story, Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, politics, star fighters, and lightsaber duels.  The characters are excellent, if I had to chose a top 10 list of my favorite Expanded Universe characters, many would be from Legacy.  There is so much to say, when certain character die, I actually had to take a moment, over the 56 issues you grow to love some of these characters and they really stick with you from the Imperial Knights to the Jedi to the Sith and everyone.

Now I have a top list of course, lets to a Top 5 moments in Star Wars Legacy.  This part will contain SPOILERS!!!  So turn back now if you have not read everything…Lets do it!

Top 5 Moments in Star Wars Legacy


Massacre on Ossus


The Jedi Academy on Ossus was destroyed under orders from Darth Stryfe in an attempt to kill the Jedi taking refuge inside, thus ending the Third Jedi Purge.  Darth Krayt staging a coup d’etat in order to take over the Empire and institute himself as Emperor of the galaxy.  Kol Skywalker, the father of Cade dies as he fights off many Sith and Storm Troopers.  Cade Skywalker escapes alive and is picked up by the bounty hunter Rav.

The First Death of Darth Krayt


Krayt was stabbed in the right side of his chest by Azlyn Rae, electrocuted and Force-pushed off of the cliff by Celeste Morne/Karness Muur, and seemingly fell to his doom.  At the bottom of the cliff, Darth Wyyrlok, approached the Emperor’s body, declaring that he would be taken to the tomb of the Sith on Korriban.  To his surprise, Krayt woke, having cushioned his fall with the Force. He asked Wyyrlok to take him to a bacta tank in order to regain his strength, but the Sith Lord electrocuted his master in response, seemingly killing him.

Final Battle and the Fall of Darth Krayt


During a light saber duel with Cade Skywalker, Cade stabs Krayt with his lightsaber, while proclaiming that he is a Jedi.  Knowing that Krayt’s body would simply heal itself again and return from death once more, and feeling Krayt’s spirit prying into his mind.  Cade flew to the sun and escaped the ship before it collided with the sun, where the corpse of Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith, was incinerated.

Cade Skywalker’s Escape from the Sith Temple


Cade was captured by the Sith to heal Darth Krayt and learn the ways of the Dark Side from Darth Talon.  Darth Talon and Cade, sleep together and she learns that he is not truly learning to be a Sith and tells Darth Krayt.  In the throne room Cade fought off the Sith inside the temple and leaped out of a blasted out window by his mother and is caught.  It was pretty awesome.

Darth Krayt reveals his true identity

This not Darth Krayt revealing his true identity, just his revenge.
This not Darth Krayt revealing his true identity, just his revenge.

Darth Krayt tells Cade about his origins and reveals how he became the Dark Lord of the Sith.  Upon removing his mask he reveals his is former Jedi Master of the Galactic Republic, A’Sharad Hett from the Clone Wars.

So that is my, somewhat review of Star Wars Legacy, it is a fine story any comic fan should read and Star Wars fans cannot do without.

Check out your local comic book shop and pick up the first graphic novel, it’s called Broken, if you are not hooked, you are lost.

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