Kickstarter: Transgenesis #1

Transgenesis #1 has a Kickstarter going on right now!

I love seeing Indie comic projects come to life and get funded through a site like Kickstarter.  Now and again, I will post a Kickstarter I either backed or I plan to back.  Well this one, I watched their video and saw the terrific art work from fellow St. Louis native Jay Sloan and I was in!

The goal in not very large, $3,000 gets them funded and they are about 1/3 of the way there.  Currently, as of Feb. 17th, there are only 26 days left and I have gotten my favorite comic book artist and collaborator, Nick Garber from Guerilla ComX on board as well.

Remember, you can find their Kickstarter below.  Also, check out their Facebook page.



Ok, now you know where I stand and you know where to find them, but since you’re here, check out what this comic is about.  Then when you see what is below, click the link and support this Indie comic book.  Remember, $10 gets you a printed version of the comic and that can go along way for this creative team.

Transgenesis is the process of introducing an exogenous gene, called a transgene, into a living organism so that the organism will exhibit a new property and transmit that property to its offspring


Transgenesis #1 is a 22 page comic that kicks off a 9 issue story arc in our sci-fi action adventure and introduces readers to a team of heroes that investigate and fight off new paranormal threats. This comic book is for mature readers and contains graphic violence and adult language.

Imagine a world where everything is being decimated by thousands of blood thirsty creatures that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Government officials and law enforcement agencies scramble to try and protect civilian life and secure their cities but to little or no avail. Many perish in the early hours of the onslaught. Even Omnis (humans with super powers and special abilities) are dying in their attempt to stem the loss of life. The few people surviving this carnage stay in hiding, hoping that their lives are not extinguished. But how can these poor individuals stand any chance as almost all of their protectors have fallen to this seemingly unstoppable swarm of creatures

known only as The Horde.

The Story

Our story revolves around Shemar Nolan, also known as Broadsword, as he is forced to take over his brother’s role as leader of an Omni group known as The Brethren. During the evacuation in Charlemagne, he and his brother Claymore were separated. Barricaded inside their new headquarters with no way out, Broadsword must strategize a way to put an end to the gruesome slaughter taking place outside and find his brother before he becomes a victim like so many others. To do that, Broadsword and our remaining Omnis, villains, and civilians must work together to discover the source of the Horde. Can they find out who or what has caused all of this madness and stop it before it destroys their entire world? And how can they do that while trapped inside their headquarters?

Our world is drastically changing all around us. New threats to Earth’s population are cause for new heroes. Can the Brethren be the heroes the Earth’s population needs? You can start to find out in Transgenesis #1! We plan to keep readers entertained by showing brand new super powered characters investigating who or what is really behind this genocide. There are several red herrings throughout this epic leaving many to question if their assumptions are correct. Introductions of numerous characters and an unfamiliar power the likes of which our world has never seen will keep readers on the edge of their seat and guessing what happens next. The big reveal is sure to make this a memorable series that will stick with you and leave you wanting more.

Sound good, doesn’t it?  Well get on over to Facebook or Kickstarter and for $10 you can support this killer creative team in a project that sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Thank you everyone!

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