Hexer Dusk Kickstarter


Look, it is Jan Duursema and John Ostrander working together again, ok…do I need to say anymore about this project?  The same team that brought you Star Wars Legacy from Dark Horse comics.  They are doing this book all on their own, anything goes.  It looks good and sounds like a fun project.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter, Hexer Dusk, click it and support.  I did..I suppose you need to know a few things.

23 Days left and they are looking for less than $18,000 dollars to get this book to print.  The video on the kickstarter page really gives you a feel for what to expect from the book.  John and Jan are two trusted comic creators.  Their work on Star Wars for Dark Horse was legendary.


Hexer Xane Dusk battles other-dimensional creatures called the Weird. Sci-fi adventure, aliens, monsters, magic and galactic chaos!

Alright, click the link and support these comic legends!


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