Guerilla ComX Phase 1 Kickstarter


Guerilla ComX is about 2 weeks into their Kickstarter Campaign for phase 1 of the their comic line.

Guerilla ComX is creating a fantastic world of heroes and villains in a shared universe. Heroes like Corvid, Bengali, and Phantom Hawk!  Remember those names, very soon this can be the next big thing with Superheroes in comics.

Here is the low down, from the Kickstarter itself.  There is so much more available on the Kickstarter page, including more art for interiors a short video to explain the project.  The best part about all of this, content.  There are three issues and you can start with the digital comics or get your print copies.  It all depends on your pledge.  If you love comics and want to support a growing company, not to mention creative people who are living their dream…support this Kickstarter!

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Guerilla ComX Phase 1

Here’s where we get down to business… The Characters and books that are included in Guerilla ComX Phase 1. This phase consists of 3 comics that are sure to bring excitement, adventure, and fun.

Phantom Hawk Issue 1

102125452221122Phantom Hawk was a special forces soldier, critically wounded on the field of battle and recruited into a DOD sponsored program giving him regenerative abilities using Nanotechnology. Wanted for acts of treason and terrorism because he was framed for the destruction of the program that created him. How far would you go to get your life back?

Issue 1- Eater

Written by Bradley Golden, Penciled by Nick Garber, Inked by Kendra Hale, and Colored by Mickey Clausen.

This issue sets the stage for the latest adventure for our hero as he is hot on the trail of a new crime boss in Crestview City who leaves a trail of bodies in his wake while occasionally snacking on a few

Corvid issue 1

bd24566442e59cd9d60b922108408ab1_originalCorvid and Sparrow is an adventure tale about two women who’ve spent way too much time working together in their pursuit of capturing the person who ruined Corvids life with the Aviary, a secret organization of watchers who’s soul purpose is to collect and guard the accumulated knowledge of mankind.

Corvid and Sparrow issue 1

Written by Nicole Kane, Pencils by John Rhodes, Inks by Kendra Hale, Colors TBD, Created by Nick Garber.

We find our lovely heroines in San Francisco, closing in on the the right people to get her to her goal… Finding Satai, the villainous assassin that got her expelled from the Aviary.



Guerilla Warfare issue 1

The Last Pendragon, Sunburst and Bengali
The Last Pendragon, Sunburst and Bengali

Guerilla Warfare is an anthology series that introduce you to the other fascinating heroes and villains of the Guerilla ComX Universe (GCXU).

This issue will have 3 separate hero stories starting off with Bengali, Riley Quinn was a broken man with nothing left to lose before he took his last breath with a revolver to his head a mysterious black nanite liquid bonded with his body Adopting the Name Bengali he takes to the streets of Dos Christos to take down those that would bring pain and suffering and give them a reason to fear the foul mouth Demon.

Next we have The Last Pendragon. John DeQuaine, a man of science who is thrust into a world of mysticism when he learns that he is the last living heir of King Arthur and now protector of Britain and her territories.

Wrapping up this issue is our cosmic warrior, Sunburst. Sam Truman is your average teenager, if by average you mean he goes with his father up into space on missions for NASA while being merged with an alien consciousness from a dead world.


Written by Rene Garza, Illustrated by Clint Scott

The Last Pendragon

Written and Inked by Kendra Hale, Penciled by Nick Garber, Colorist TBD


Written by Kendra Hale (Penciller and Colorist TBD)


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