Comic Building – Wrath or Redemption part 1

Hey everyone, I don’t know if you have heard my story, my trials in becoming a comic writer.  It has been a dream for me for years.  The comic book industry is a hard one to get in to, everyone thinks they can write, myself included.  In a world where I have a day job, write on my free time, finding someone to collaborate with has been tough.  I have worked with some talented artists who have donated their art and time to work with me.  Mostly it has come down to being a learning process, which is great, but for me…I have stories to tell and I love how comics can tell stories, visual and at the same time mental.  It takes a team of people to bring comics to life.

I began my journey in 2007, I wrote a story called, “The Witness”, mostly for fun, but I continued to work at it and in 2010 joined with a good friend, Todd Mitchell.  We tried to self-publish under the banner of Nightfall Comics.  We had a talented artist working with us and we were determined.  Things didn’t work out in the end, we created Nightfall Unlimited.  Nightfall Unlimited turned into Rage of Rayzor and in turn, The Horror Syndicate.  I am happy with what I have done, but I still have the thirst and drive to create comics.  I need someone to work with…

So, over the past few months, I have been chatting with my new friend Nick Garber.  Nick is the creator, founder of Guerrilla Comix and many characters.  He has a great team behind him. We have talked and seem to have a ton in common.  One night we were talking about Nick’s Halloween costume, he is going as the Punisher and we both agreed how much we love the character and wanted to work on a Punisher comic…well that is not happening, so we created our own Punisher type character.  Then Nick was live on Facebook doing some comic art and I got an idea. 

So, here is the skinny…We are taking a character, a “B” character from Guerilla Comix and write a 6 to 12 page comic.  Yeah that is ordinary, but not if we document everything.  The video below is an intro to what we are doing.  The comic is about a character named, the Cardinal.  Nick is going to go on Facebook while he does some concept and even paneling work.  I will do a few live feeds about the writing, my writing process and the rest of the team involved will be doing the same.  Kendra will be doing inks for the project, while Clint Scott will be providing the cover for the book.

This should be a fun time and I am not sure, but I don’t know if the process has ever been documented from the early stages to…print.  But please subscribe to my YouTube page, follow Rage of Rayzor of Facebook or Twitter.  You can do the same with Guerilla Comix and Nick Garber, Twitter, Facebook.  We plan to try to get this finished by the end of November, so stick with us, it is going to be a fun ride.

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