Rayzor’s Review: Aquaman (2018)

I am trying to catch up on movies from 2018, I still have The Predator, Mission Impossible Fallout and the Spider-verse movie. I will get to Mission Impossible and the Predator, but Spider-man will have to wait. Why? Well, I don’t get to the theater too much and Aquaman takes… Continue reading

Rayzor’s Reviews: Batman Arkham Knight

Yeah, I am not behind on the times, I wrote a review of this game back in July for Nightfall Unlimited, but the site is gone and I just finished the story again and all of the DLC.  So, my old review stands true and added will be a section… Continue reading

Rayzor’s Review: Solo (2018)

Waiting for Syndicate Unlimited to launch, I may as well voice my opinions on my personal site and seeing the newest Star Wars anthology film has me wanting to write more than horror related articles. A little background.  I am a big Star Wars fan, like most I grew up… Continue reading

Rayzor’s Romances: Jenny the Girl with S.A.R.S.

  Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are ready for some more stories of romance, from my past.  Some identities I do not think I need to protect.  I have contacted a couple of the girls in these stories to get permission to use their names and it has… Continue reading